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With over  20 years experience, QHi Rail is a market leading global supplier of innovative friction management solutions, for the wheel / rail interface. We provide our customers with  comprehensive advice and solutions on how to solve wheel & rail interface related problems, suited to their specific requirements. Our goal is to exceed our customer expectations in providing high performance, cost effective, reliable products and services.

Mechanical Lubricators:
Simple effective mechanical design, combining high performance with low maintenance and easy installation. Lubricators are compatible with other mechanical systems, suit all rail types and high or low speed traffic. Reservoirs are robust, durable lightweight aluminium and designed for quick fill.

Electric Lubricators:
Solar powered as standard, with various options available to suit every environment. Single 12v DC battery powers all electrical functions. Easy installation & maintenance. The unit has a robust compact, waterproof cabinet with filling hatch for easy access to reservoir.

Low cost, electronically driven Canister Based Lubrication System - suitable for use on running rails, check rails and point ends. Cartridges are re-usable and the system uses no gas or chemicals. Easily programmed electro-mechanical system delivers precise amount of lubricant regardless of ambient, discharging grease from the first strike through to the last.

Rail Lubricant:
Bentone-based lubricating paste containing PTFE reduces wear and friction, providing extremely high film strength and adhesion, resulting in all weather High Performance Lubrication. Supplies protection against corrosion, even in harsh conditions and extends periods between re-lubrication.

Telemetry: Developed and patented unique remote condition monitoring system for electric, mechanical and hydraulic lubricators. The system sends data output from key lubricator functions to a web accessed presentation screen or through Network Rail EWB system.


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